Digital Marketing: A Brief Overview
What is “The Digital Marketing”?
“Digital” is a very overwhelming word for many of us as the very first thing that comes to mind is “Internet”, “Social Media”,” Mass Media” etc….to name a few!!!Everybody on the planet, from the non-professional to the professional, is using the internet these days to share their ideas (LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Telegram, etc.) and e-commerce (Amazon, eBay, etc.). The world has become a collection of bits and bytes.
Marketing digitally, why it’s essential and Effectual!
In the old days, industries and people were largely dependent on hoardings that were placed on interstates and crossroads, where they could only be seen by the few people who were able to spare time to see them. The world is now mostly digital, people occasionally go out to get their needs since everything is readily accessible. To put it simply, people have become more accessible. Shortly, driving traffic to your website using digital methods has become a crucial part of the expansion of a business. Further, the current pandemic situation in the world has led to a move toward digital communication for almost everyone. Below are some data that illustrate how the world has shifted to digital media:
As an entrepreneur, reaching out to your target audience through “Digital Marketing” has incredible opportunities because it is a positive and accessible way to reach them.
Vetting your business for Digital Marketing!!!
Before signing up for any course on digital marketing, a business will need to understand first what their basic understanding of the audience is, and then answer the following questions:
“Why do I need digital marketing?”. Business relevance in the current marketing environment.
Getting an accurate understanding of one’s business is essential. Does the audience that one gets to relate to what one does? You get nowhere if you try to reach people you don’t want.
Considering social media for my business, where should I begin?
Posting the blog frequently and relevant to the people you want to target is one of the basic ideas emerging on social media. A social media presence increases the chances of being seen by the maximum number of people.
What can I do immediately to generate traffic to my site?
Search engine optimisation (SEO) uses the traffic data of people who click on your posts to reach out to those people. SEO creates ads to reach out to these people. You will earn more traffic to your blog if you are active and precise in your posts.
What is the value of blogging?
In addition to presenting your ideas, blogging also attracts the attention of people to the things they are not familiar with or the things present in the market that are crucial to their daily needs.
Investing how much time each month will help my digital marketing efforts or improve my Google rankings?
The search engine looks at over 200 SEO factors, especially at the page level. This includes the location of keywords (titles, meta descriptions, headings, etc) and the frequency with which they appear on the page. Usually, a website ranks in Google within 3-6 months.Although ranking is significant, it may not be as helpful as you might assume. Rankings are useless unless they generate leads for you; they are worthless without conversion. This means you should hire an SEO expert who places more emphasis on output rather than just improving rankings on Google.
Dimensions of Digital marketing:

There are five dimensions to digital marketing:

  • Devices:

In this study, attention is paid to how the target audience interacts and engages with mobile apps and websites using connected devices. A few examples are smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs, and gaming devices.

  • Platforms

Analysing which platforms or services the target audience prefers are other components that involve digital platforms. The most popular platforms where engagement occurs are Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Google, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn.

  • Media

Through various means including advertising e-mails, messaging, search engines, and social networks, digital media is utilised to reach the target market in several ways.

  • Data

such as demographic information and engagement statistics are normally collected from digital media.

  • Technology

Whether it’s your website and mobile app, or your in-store kiosk, we make interactive experiences that connect people.


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